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oil change Sachse

oil change Sachse

Maintaining the engine in perfect condition is one of the keys to your vehicle operating in optimal conditions. One of the essential tasks for the engine to work properly is to change the oil periodically. Although it may seem obvious, you should be very clear why it is so important to comply with this maintenance.

Which Is the Function of the Engine Oil?

Most of the parts that move in the internal combustion process of car engines are metallic. Lubricants create a protective layer on these parts, which prevents wear from friction. This allows the life of the engine to be extended, and to operate normally.

Besides, the oil allows other tasks such as facilitating the starting when the engine is cold and helps the cooling of the parts once you turn off the car. Also, the lubricant drags away the micro-particles that come off, helping to keep the engine clean. Finally, the lubricants avoid corrosion and prevent the formation of sediments.

Why Should You Change Your Auto Oil Frequently?

These fluids have a certain percentage of tolerance to moisture and impurities to function properly as a lubricant. With the operation of the motor, these impurities are created that are saturating the mixture. When the tolerance limit is reached, the oil loses its properties and therefore must be replaced. Another essential aspect is that the oil change removes these impurities from the system and keeps the engine clean.

When Should You Change Your Auto Oil?

Oil changes depend on several factors. First, there are the manufacturer's specifications, which usually recommend changing between 3000 and 10,000 miles depending on the model (check the information in your driver's manual). Also, you should consider the type of lubricant you use.

Today you'll find synthetic lubricants on the market that last longer miles. In any case, it is recommended that you consult your trusted mechanic. If you require assistance for your oil change in Sachse, you can come to Lube Masters Express, and we will gladly advise you. Finally, keep in mind some alerts that will indicate that you should pay attention to the oil change:

  • The dipstick oil is very black, dense, or the level is very low
  • Turn on the oil light on the dashboard.
  • Turns on the maintenance request light
  • You perceive an unusual functioning of your car

Which Is the Ideal Oil for Your Car?

To select the right lubricant, viscosity is taken into account first. In lubricants, it is given in API grades, and commercial oils indicate the minimum and maximum viscosity in each case (20w-50 for example). The driver's manual will tell you which one is ideal for your vehicle.

The other issue to consider is the origin of the fluid. There are mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic oils on the market (a mixture of the above). Mineral oils produce more waste, while synthetic oils are cleaner and tend to last longer. The wisest thing is to consult with your trusted mechanic to recommend the right one.

Trust the Best!

If you want to keep your car in perfect condition, and extend the life of the engine with the most extraordinary oil change in Sachse, count on us. Come to Lube Masters Express and let the lubrication experts help you keep your car in top performance. Enjoy the best prices in the market, with exceptional service and professionalism unique in the region.

We look forward to seeing you.

oil change Sachse
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