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Windshield Replacement Saskatoon

Windshield Replacement Saskatoon

If your windshield has been cracked or chipped due to accident or debris, getting it checked by a windshield repair company in Saskatoon is important. Depending on the gravity of the damage, you may need to get your windshield replaced immediately so that it can properly function.

The first thought that hits your mind when your windshield gets damaged is probably how much will the new windshield cost me? At True Blue Glass, we offer competitive pricing to allow you to replace your damaged windshield as soon as possible. However, price quotes vary because windshield replacement costs depend on several factors.

Type of Vehicle

One of the major factors that determine the cost of a windshield replacement is the type of car you drive. Different car models use different types of glass, and they are of varying sizes as well. For instance, Luxury needs specific windshields that are usually only available through an accredited dealer.

When not working with an authorized dealer, True Blue Glass acquires their windshields from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This type of windshield is less expensive than those gotten from a dealer, and this affects the windshield replacement cost.

Windshield with Special Features

The cost of windshield replacement can also be influenced by the special features connected to your car windshield. For instance, if your automobile boasts of features such as rain sensors or automatic wipers, then the cost of replacing your windshield will be higher. Moreover, special features need extra workmanship, and this can also drive the price up. Also, if your vehicle has a unique feature for digital displays, the cost of replacement could be affected further. On the other hand, the cost of windshield replacement on older vehicles will be considerably less.

Insurance Company coverage

Windshield repair and replacement from a reputable auto glass replacement company such as True Blue Glass that uses good-quality adhesives and authentic brands for the windshield glass can be less expensive. Better still, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, you can save money.

Before going for windshield replacement Saskatoon, try to check whether your service provider offer has a tie with the major insurance companies. True Blue Glass has a solid relationship with most of the insurance providers across the state, so we can easily offer you a hassle-free procedure.

Windshield Selection

Another major factor that plays a significant role in the replacement of windshields is whether the screen is recommended by the original equipment manufacturer or is an aftermarket glass. The original equipment manufacturer is an authentic glass, so it has all the features they came with your vehicle when you bought it.

Moreover, the aftermarket may not meet your car specifications. It is vital to select the right glass as it ensures that your car has a high functionality and safety quotient. Although original equipment manufacturer glass is pricier than aftermarket glass, it is safer and better and ensures high quality.

Getting Your Glass Replacement in Saskatoon

At True Blue Glass, our experts offer affordable and friendly auto glass services in Saskatoon when you need it. If you have additional questions about the cost of Windshield Replacement Saskatoon or Saskatoon window tinting, contact us for windshield repair/replacement or call 306-281-4744.

Windshield Replacement Saskatoon
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Windshield Replacement Saskatoon
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